Once more winter has come, blessing us with her icy breath.
But she blows from a distance.
Even in the chilly air on my ears I can feel the warmth nearby.
Spring hasn’t gone away, she’s just around the corner.


The prayer that crosses my lips
most often
is one word,
said quietly,
or strongly,
or pleading.
It’s followed, then,
by fear,
or longing,
or, on rare occasions,
with peace.

Gingrich has a change of heart!

Okay, I’d normally just put this on delicious and wait for the auto update, but I had to add some commentary on this news items from Religion and Ethics Newsweekly:

In Washington last weekend Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, was received into the Roman Catholic Church. He had been a Baptist, but his third wife is Catholic. Both of Gingrich’s two previous marriages were annulled by the church.

(emphasis added)



It’s muggy in the stairwell,
down at the bottom where the cool air won’t reach.
Through the window umbrellas turn inside out
and the clear noon darkness goes hazy
in sheets.


Overwhelmed in the ruins
Standing naked before the world
Self-declared holy fool, enveloped by the nothing
Pursuing the everything

There is no Fool’s Journey
No past removed, no future attained
Only the all that is before all things

Such foolishness, dismissed, elusive
There is only the journey toward the Fool