About malakhgabriel

I am Gabriel HaMalakh, PsychoAlphaDiscoBeta Humanoid of the House of Awesome and Win. You may already be a member!

I’ve long searched for the perfect antonym of terror, because I want to be a radical antonym-of-terrorist.

This site collects some of my past writing from other sites, and serves as my primary presence on the web. Here’s where you’ll find my ramblings on religion (primarily Christianity), sexuality, gender, music, culture and other things most folks wouldn’t expect to go together.

I’m excited by things like narrative, process and postmodern theologies, gender theory, finding new music (and getting lost in old favorites), cooking, public art, deliberateness, curiosity, silliness, bodies, creative commons, bicycles, feminism, sleeping, experimental and noise music, and playfulness.

I’m curious about a lot too, like making my own clothing, urban gardening, reducing the footprint I leave on others’ necks, and the innumerable books I’ve not yet read and songs I’ve not yet heard.

I’m polyamorous and, as a friend once put it, come with attachments.

I’m genderqueer, and becoming more comfortable situating myself under the trans* umbrella.

I can also be found at the links in the footer, and can be reached by email at malakhgabriel at gmail dot com.