Got much more than books at the book sale!

I don’t know if someone died or found Jeezus or what, but someone donated a fuckton of experimental and ambient CDs to the library to be sold off at $1 each. Here’s my haul.


Biosphere ‎– Substrata2
Black Dice ‎– Beaches & Canyons
Caul – Crucible
Certain Beyond All Reasonable Doubt ‎– Live Berlin 98
Divination ‎– Distill
Earth ‎– Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version
Earth ‎– Extra-Capsular Extraction
Final ‎– 2
Fuck Buttons ‎– Street Horrrsing
Godspeed You Black Emperor! ‎– Slow Riot For New Zerø Kanada
Tim Hecker ‎– Harmony In Ultraviolet
KTL ‎– 2
Labradford ‎– A Stable Reference
Labradford ‎– Fixed::Context
Lull ‎– Continue
Lull ‎– Like A Slow River
Lull ‎– Moments
Nick Parkin ‎– Island Of Dust
Paul Schütze • Andrew Hulme ‎– Fell
The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band – Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward.
Sunn O))) ‎– Monoliths & Dimensions
Takehisa Kosugi ‎– Catch-Wave
Time Machines ‎– Time Machines
Vir Unis ‎– The Drift Inside
Vir Unis ‎– Aeonian Glow
Various Artists – Folds And Rhizomes For Gilles Deleuze

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