I finally went to Meeting for Worship

Sunday I went to a Meeting for Worship with some local Friends. I’d been once before, but that was several years ago, and my heart was telling me, repeatedly (repeatedly) that I needed to go back.

This call isn’t new. I had it years ago, and because of it I picked up Jim Pym’s Listening to the Light. It was my first exposure to Quaker thought. I devoured the book in the few weeks I had it checked out. I found a local meeting and even drove by the place where they met. I never went, though.

Later I read a few more books and poked around online. It took a few years before I actually went to a Meeting. And I went, and I sat. And being my rather shy, nervous self I quickly jumped up and ran off at the rise of worship.

So why, two years or more later, is something tugging me back there? I don’t know. I do know that the longer I put it off, the stronger the pull got, so I went. And I sat.

Nothing miraculous happened. No major spiritual insights (well, not for me). I just sat there.

And I figure that’s part of the point. Sometimes you just sit there because it’s where you’re supposed to sit. And you wait. Maybe you’ll be aware of something happening, and maybe you won’t. But you sit, and you wait.

And this weekend I figure I’ll go sit again. It’s where I’m supposed to sit.


  1. Jodi

    Hey, found your post on Reddit this afternoon. Cool about going to Meeting. The Pym book is excellent, though it doesn’t give many insights into US Quaker meetings. Have you checked out QuakerQuaker.org?


  2. malakhgabriel

    Hey, Jodi. Thanks for reading. I have been reading QuakerQuaker. I think that and The Image of Fish are the only two Quaker-related blogs I’ve been reading though. Got any other suggestions?

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