Poem – “In Sound and Breath”

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In Sound and Breath

In sound and breath are we made.
In words and wind are we formed.
In language before language are we conceived and created,
and in every utterance since we pay tribute to that,
that primordial sound.

Inert we lie until moved by breath.
Life we become when moved by wind.
Spirit set to motion, and we gasp,
and wail!

In sound and breath.
In words and wind.
We move and blow and speak and scream.
What our mouths say, our hands form, our spirits give life.

And we blow, and blow, and blow, and blow
and sing!
A love supreme
A love supreme
A love supreme
A love supreme

And Trane breathes,
and blows notes into prayers.
The reverent resonance from the reeds to the bellows of the bell,
boisterous as any bible.
Language before language,
Coltrane blows,

The first act was action:
to breathe,
to utter,
to create.

In the image of what is before space and time were,
I inhale,
and wail!

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