I Miss You

I Miss You

I miss you. I just sort of whisper it to the north when I’m alone.
I miss you. Or at least, I miss us. And us is something that isn’t right now.
But no. I miss you, and the beauty and joy you brought into my life for a little while.
The way you handled my early trepidations with a smile.
How when I was working in the kitchen in a tank top and skirt you told me that I looked pretty.
The way you’d squeeze my hand so tight,
How your tiny eyes would fill with light
When I wanted to watch your favorite show with you
The very particular scent you’d leave on my pillow.
The light taste of tobacco on your kiss from the cigarette you didn’t want me to know you’d had.
Your mischief, and the tender, fierce longing in your embrace.

I was never angry that you left. I knew I wouldn’t have you forever.
I was only hurt by how.

But every day I remember something else you did or said that made my life a little more amazing.
And I miss you.


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