Rev. Debra Haffner writes:

I wonder what the impact would be if all of us working for sexual justice would label ourselves as “queer”.

It’s something I’ve wondered about plenty of times myself. While I’m a generally heterosexual male I’m also writing here from a pro-kink, pro-poly, pro-porn, pro-sex, feminist (and still decidedly Christian) point of view. I tell ya, I don’t feel “straight”.

But I’ve long hesitated to apply the term queer to myself, even it its modified forms of genderqueer or heteroqueer because I don’t want to pretend that I, as a generally heterosexual person, can know what my queer family really lives through. It would be presumptuous and bordering on disrespectful to put myself in the same class as them.

So then how do folks like me describe ourselves in shorthand? I mean, I’ve got those bullet points down the right hand side of the blog, but those are kinda hard to work into conversation, much less fit on a bumper sticker.

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