Hypocrisy and incoherency as marks of faith

In Lamenting an Anti-Pacifist Church Alan Hartung writes:

Backtracking to my brief mention of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, I feel that neither side will find absolute justification in the Scriptures. I cannot imagine that it would not have been sin to allow Hitler to live knowing what he was doing if one had the opportunity to take his life. Remember, however, Bonhoeffer considered both actions sinful – the terrible result of being caught in a sin-stained world which sometimes left one with no truly righteous options. That being said, I leave myself open to accusations of hypocrisy and incoherency. All I can say to that charge is that I believe any incoherency my beliefs contain still lie closer to the way of Christ than the coherency of the Doctrine of Just War.”

That acknowledgment and acceptance of “hypocrisy and incoherency” speaks to me on a deep level. It sounds something like the “orthoparadoxy” that others in the emergent conversation have mentioned. We fall somewhere between striving and failing, and in that place lies our wretched and beautiful humanity.

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