This is why I can't stand Tyra Banks (from

I sat down this afternoon to have a bit of lunch and I turned on the television to see what was on. Tyra Banks was on her talk show interviewing an 18 year old porn actress, and that sounds like some good TV to the Gabe.

The girl was discussing her first scene and how it was with a man in his 50s. Tyra was absolutely shocked. Scandalized! The girl continued that it was a fellatio scene (Tyra: “Oral sex?”) and the guy was telling her all the things he wanted to do to her, but that she couldn’t understand what he was saying due to his Italian accent. She looked at him and told him he could punch her in the stomach if he wanted.

Again Tyra with the shock and scandal.

Tyra: “He hit you in the stomach?!”

Porn Girl: “No, he didn’t.”

Tyra: “But you wanted him to?”

They moved on to talk about her limits in what she does, and she said “No children and no animals,” to which Tyra responded, “You have anal sex?”

She answered in the affirmative, and again Tyra started with the shock and scandal, along with a heftier dose of looks of pity toward the girl. Women in the audience were shown with mouths agape, unable to believe that someone would do this sort of work.

Tyra decided she was going to commercial because she “needed a minute to recover from that.”

Go to hell Tyra Banks, you pathetic hypocrite.

She is sitting there making out this girl to be someone deserving of pity and as someone who does things no decent person would do because she sells sex, but this is from someone who built an entire career on selling sex! What, it’s okay to strut around in your underwear turning people on, but it suddenly becomes bad if you touch someone else?

And to make matters worse, when they cut to commercial they showed a promo for tomorrow’s show with Tyra in a low-cut shirt displaying her assets for our approval. The first words out of her mouth were “It’s all about the boobies!” Apparently the show is all about how best to show off tits and ass.

All these shocked and dismayed looking women want to be sexual creatures, but when they encounter someone who puts that into practice in a way outside of their experience they they’re belittled and treated like a charity case! On one show you want to treat sex like something to be ashamed of and to be hidden and surely not something to be done for money! Then the next show you want to show people how to spend money so that they can be sexualized more easily.

Do you not see the disconnect here?

This is why I can’t stand Tyra Banks.


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    I 110% agree with this!!!! Complete BS!!! I was disgusting with Tyra when I saw that episode. Who is she to disapprove of what someone else does in their sex life? She acted like such a prude like bi*tch. “Oral sex???” — freaking give me a break!!!!

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