Embracing female sexuality (from touchyourself.org)

A post from Sex Drive Daily deals with “CAKE parties” which are focused on women expressing their sexuality. Apparently this expression often comes in forms similar to expressions of male sexuality. Shocking, eh?

What this means is you get women gyrating about, on stages and on dance floors, in bikinis and lingerie and perhaps even less. Make-out sessions. Amateur male dancers.And some women are upset about this, because to them it looks like women objectifying themselves for the pleasure of men. Or women adopting a masculine idea of sexuality because of our pornified culture. Or that women should be the guardians of lovemaking as a sacred connection between two committed people and that it should never be “just sex” or “just fucking” or “just pleasure” or whatever else the objectors object to.

As I wrote in the comments there, I have to wonder if the objection may be a symptom of our tendency to divide ourselves along lines of gender. If gender is the biggest defining characteristic in sexuality, then someone who identifies as female may see her sexuality and her comfort zone within sexuality as being “female sexuality,” making everything outside her comfort zone a form of exploitation.

Just because it’s women objecting, is this any different from male-dominated church restrictions on sexuality?

These parties quite honestly sound amazing. I’ll admit I’d love to attend, both for my own gratification and just to be in the presence of that many women taking ownership of their own sexualities.

Speaking of ownership, take a look at this graphic response to “You have such a pretty face.” Quite beautiful!

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