Lazy Blogging

I admit I’ve been a lazy blogger. As of late the only things posted here are my delicious links, often without any commentary at all. Well, the noise ratio may be increasing shortly. See, I just recently heard about NaPoWriMo. Yep, that’s National Poetry Writing Month. I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve hardly written any poetry in years, but it feels like a fun thing to try. Now, I’m also notorious for not finishing what I start, so you may just end up with 3 days worth of poems, then nothing. And I may not post everything I write. If I’m convinced it’s shit, then I’ll spare you and your scroll-wheel finger.

So, fair warning, even greater pretentiousness is coming, starting tomorrow. Until then, I’ll leave you with this, from Li Po:


There was wine in a cup of gold
and a girl of fifteen from Wu,
her eyebrows painted dark
and with slippers of red brocade.

If her conversation was poor,
how beautifully she could sing!
Together we dined and drank
until she settled in my arms.

Behind her curtains
embroidered with lotuses,
how could I refuse
the temptation of her advances?

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