Intimacy in a bottle (from

Is anyone else highly annoyed by the new Elexa line of products from Trojan? They’re trying to market sex products to women so instead of lube they have “Intimacy gel” and instead of wipes they have “freshening cloths.”

When you’re dry, you need lubrication, not intimacy. Any actual bodily fluids need to be wiped away (or rubbed in if you’re so inclined), not freshened. It just seems like a ridiculous way to reinforce the idea that women don’t want the physical aspect of sex.

In addition, this is another way to link sex with products. I’m not going to say that goods can’t improve sex. I’m a huge Astroglide fan, for example. And vibrators, porn, erotic books, lingerie… they’re all great too. And condoms, of course, are a necessary part of sex for most people. But these commercials feel more like blatant manipulation to me.

And finally this is the marketing of an emotional experience. You cannot bottle intimacy! Yes, lube can make an intimate experience more fun, but no matter how much of it you add, it’s not going to make the experience intimate. That depends on actual human interaction.

The products can make the physical aspect of sex better, but that’s not what the ads say. The ads are selling an emotional experience on which the product cannot deliver.

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