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“Green fields grow dead, white trees” Memorial Day 2013
May 27, 2013

Green fields grow dead, white trees, gleaming in the sun, pretending at life. Fed on blood and manure, the trees stand still. Whitewashed tombs. The beast devours children, shits them out, and we feed it more, and more, and more. It keeps our fields green, our memories cleaned. Other fields, other blood, other excrement that […]

Riyv Ba’Ir “For The Fight”
March 26, 2013

I was angry. I was rageful. I wanted to scream and yell and destroy. I took than anger and channeled it into this. For The Fight by Riyv Ba'Ir

we are not silent
March 26, 2013

we are not silent by Various Artists My first appearance on a compilation, and my second release under the name Riyv Ba’Ir.

Stuck in Trafficking
January 31, 2013

For some time now I’ve been suspicious of the anti-trafficking movement, and especially that segment of it that’s specifically Christian. It’s long struck me as sensationalist, focusing on sex work to the exclusion of other forms of forced labor (Hi there, Nike and the US Agriculture industry!), as well as overly broad. It seemed there […]

Gender’s not just between the ears, and sex isn’t just between the legs
January 2, 2013

Originally intended to dispute the biology-is-destiny formulation, the distinction between sex and gender serves the argument that whatever biological intractability sex appears to have, gender is culturally constructed: hence, gender is neither the causal result of sex nor as seemingly fixed as sex. The unity of the subject is thus already potentially contested by the […]