“you must listen with your imagination”

New noise! I felt like I was getting so serious, both in theme and in sound, then I ended up making some noise that has a much more fun feel. It still springs from the mysticism that has driven the last few things I’ve done under the name luxeed, but takes a very different form. This is seeing existence all at once, not seeing undifferentiated no-thing-ness.

This is noise, but the opposite of harsh noise

Poem – “In Sound and Breath”

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In Sound and Breath

In sound and breath are we made.
In words and wind are we formed.
In language before language are we conceived and created,
and in every utterance since we pay tribute to that,
that primordial sound.

Inert we lie until moved by breath.
Life we become when moved by wind.
Spirit set to motion, and we gasp,
and wail!

In sound and breath.
In words and wind.
We move and blow and speak and scream.
What our mouths say, our hands form, our spirits give life.

And we blow, and blow, and blow, and blow
and sing!
A love supreme
A love supreme
A love supreme
A love supreme

And Trane breathes,
and blows notes into prayers.
The reverent resonance from the reeds to the bellows of the bell,
boisterous as any bible.
Language before language,
Coltrane blows,

The first act was action:
to breathe,
to utter,
to create.

In the image of what is before space and time were,
I inhale,
and wail!

Download the mp3 here

Living the Story

luxeed – The Story Is Bigger Than You
(Dark) Ambient Soundscapes

This is the first music I’ve completed in ages. I think it’s rather beautiful, but I’m a bit biased. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, the theme is that of a physical entry into a grand drama, embodying a story and living its reality. That’s really all of the backstory I want to share at the moment. If you have the time and inclination I’d appreciate you giving this a listen and sharing your responses to it.


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Use your voice
Make your choice
Take down the psychopathic power structure
Replace it with another
less diseased?
We’ll see

In a system built on violence every vote’s an affirmation
an attestation
a confirmation
that you believe in the system
That violence (when used by the right people) can make things better

In a system that is sick every vote’s an infection
A blind eye to every inspection
forced at the end of a gun

At the heart of every law is a threat
That it doesn’t matter where your heart’s set
All will comply, one by one

That they will push and pull and take you where they will
And if you stand still
They will break you down with their billy clubs and tear gas

Because the people have spoken
Your bones may be broken
For the majority have placed you in the criminal class

You see…

There is an arrogance to creating a law
Saying you know better than me what’s best for me

But I’m not looking for confrontation
I don’t want to tear you down when you try to build a better world
I just want you to see like I see
That your better world is built on bones

When you choose between the left and the right
When you fight the good fight
When you try to make a sick system kill a little slower than before

I know your heart is true
But in a system built to subdue
Your heart can be used up to feed the lust for gore

And I’m sorry
I don’t have the answers
I can’t say what can replace this Empire

See, I fear the Empire sickness
Will always be with us
Much like Christ said of the poor

So I try to speak from a place of love
Standing at the bottom, always looking above
And explain why I will not pick up your ballot shaped sword

Gabe Harrell – Vote.mp3