Defensive omnivore bingo

No matter the context, I can count on having a certain, predictable, annoying set of conversations whenever someone finds out I’m vegetarian. Thankfully one Mr. Brian VanderVeen has taken this source of frustration and made it a game. A sad, facepalming game.

And yes, I’ve encountered every last one of these.

defensive omnivore bingo


Gingrich has a change of heart!

Okay, I’d normally just put this on delicious and wait for the auto update, but I had to add some commentary on this news items from Religion and Ethics Newsweekly:

In Washington last weekend Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, was received into the Roman Catholic Church. He had been a Baptist, but his third wife is Catholic. Both of Gingrich’s two previous marriages were annulled by the church.

(emphasis added)