Chipping away at binary thinking

Colin, the No Impact Man recently asked author Juliet Schor if our culture’s fascination with disposable materialism is a sign that “we have become too material and not sufficiently spiritual?” Her response is a thing of beauty.

“It’s a false dichotomy,” she said. “It’s not that we’re too material but that we see materialism as separate from spirituality.” Our mistake is in not embracing the fact that the material is the manifestation of the divine, and that we therefore treat the material as something to be wasted and thrown away.

When you look at it that way, we need to be more rather than less material. We need to see the intrinsic value inherent in material resources. “If we treated the material as sacred,” she said, “we might become more spiritual about the way we consume and that might help us solve some of our problems.”

Emphasis mine. See the full post and following discussion here